#FirstTimeAbroad Initiative

The #FirstTimeAbroad initiative is designed to provide additional resources to Americans who have not yet traveled outside the U.S.!


To travel to new countries is to expand your view of the world, and thus enrich your understanding of it. International travel yields appreciation of and reflection on different values, traditions, and habits, prompting you to reevaluate your own. Travel not only shifts the way you consider ideas and cultures, but it can also enrich the perspectives of those around you through the stories you tell. And of course, it’s also fun!

Although everyone deserves to experience the benefits of international travel, statistics find that this remains a privilege reserved for a select few. The perceived cost of travel is one likely cause behind the bleak figure that less than 19 million Americans even hold passports. Even the most optimistic measures find that the majority of Americans (54% to 64%) do not hold valid passports.


Normally, my services entail finding cheap flights only. However, for individuals and families who have not yet traveled abroad, cost is likely not the only obstacle. Passport requirements, exchange rates, hotel bookings, language/cultural customs, and itinerary planning can be daunting factors as well. As helping Americans to experience other cultures for the first time lies at the core of my motivation, I am pleased to offer additional free services to American individuals/families traveling abroad for the first time if they have found this travel to be previously inaccessible. A #FirstTimeAbroad package includes:

  • Finding affordable flights based on your criteria (booked by you)
  • Finding affordable hotels based on your travel plans (booked by you)
  • Finding an affordable rental car (booked by you)
  • Sending a guide on obtaining passports and answering questions if needed
  • A customized itinerary with suggested sightseeing and attractions
  • A one-page language sheet with basic phrases, as well as general tips

#FirstTimeAbroad Promotion

In return for the additional trip planning, I ask that recipients of a #FirstTimeAbroad package please do the following:

  • Include #FirstTimeAbroad in social media posts of the trip, preferably including Twitter
  • Feature one social media post at the conclusion of the trip linking to adventurousalex.com and describing how they benefited from my services
  • Submit a brief testimonial of their experience, along with 1-3 pictures for me to feature

If you found my services useful, I encourage you to continue referring family/friends either to #FirstTimeAbroad or my general flight-finding services! Donations are also always welcome, but never expected.

Finally, please note that given the time-intensive nature of a #FirstTimeAbroad package, I may not be able to honor all requests, instead selecting recipients based on described need or the complexity of the trip. However, I will certainly do my best to honor as many requests as possible, and will respond either way.

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